Totally Fishy

A Miller Sisters Mystery

Welcome back to White Bass Lake, Wisconsin, where something seems Totally Fishy! Two visiting scientists are trying to find out why an entire Venezuelan lagoon full of Endler Livebearer fish all went belly-up at the same time a local village had an epidemic they could not control, and evacuated their village rather than face total devastation.

Buzz Miller and her sister Fred team up with Ichthyologist Samone Fernandini, and Environmental Liason Dr. Evo Castillo to solve the mystery. In the mean time in Peru, The man responsible for the trouble in Venezuela hires bargain-basement hit men to bump off the scientists and their assistants before they find conclusive answers. He sends the would-be hit men to White Bass Lake, but they are so inept at their new occupation they keep killing the wrong guys!

Buzz decides that a quick trip to South America will provide the missing pieces to the puzzle, but the case takes an ominous turn when Evo finds his office and secretary blown up and his apartment ransacked.

A wild ride through the jungle, a showdown with some very bad men, and one dead foreman later, Buzz realizes she, Evo, Samone and her sister are in way over their heads!

Read on for a taste of what’s cooking in White Bass Lake, and I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s not the local Friday night fish fry you smell, but I’d bet you’d agree that something Totally Fishy is going on!